Audi A4 3 Button Remote with ID48 Virgin Transponder 8E0 837 220 Q

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 Audi 3 Button Full Flip Remote with ID48 Virgin Transponder Chip ready for pre-coding and programming. Lock, Unlock and Boot buttons.

Frequency: 433Mhz

NOTE: Please make sure you have the correct machine to precode and programme this remote key before buying.

NOTE: Can also be used as an alternative for the Seat Exeo 3R0837220 but please remember this remote has a Audi logo and precoding is needed.

Comes fitted with HU103/HU66 key blade 

Genuine Part No: 8E0837220Q

Audi A4 2004-2008

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Genuine Part No:  8E0837220Q

3D Group: VGR51

Hickleys: AKRM137 – HVRM114