Training Courses

The course covers training in soldering, eepromming and transponder production. Courses are limited to a maximum of 8 people with 2 instructors present. This course is MLA approved.

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The course aims to teach the soldering skills and programming skills, required by Locksmiths and Garages wishing to take advantage of the increased potenetial using eeprom and microprocessor work to produce transponders and recode control units.

This is a one day course, run in our purpose built, air conditioned training room at our new premises in Benfleet, Essex. We have ample secure parking, and are easily accessible by road, rail and air, being only 6 miles from London Southend airport.

DSC00877 (Small)You will be taught to remove and resolder devices safely and efficiently, without damaging circuit boards or devices. We start with the simpler 8 pin eeproms, but then progress to microprocessors and more complicated components. We cover reading devices “in circuit”, very usefull with more complicated microprocessors, as they can be read without the need to remove the device from the circuit board, by either attaching microhooks, or soldering to pads on the circuit board.

The second part of the course deals with reading and understanding the data from these devices, using the files with tools such as TM Pro, Miraclone, Zed Bull etc. to achieve your desired goal.

The final part of the course deals in more depth with the use of eeprom and microprocessor data to produce transponder chips that will start the vehicle. This can be acheived in a number of ways, by using tools like the Miraclone, TM Pro or Zed Bull, or by typing known key data over the existing data from a lost key. In many cases a PIN code is required, this can often be extracted from the data that can be read from the various devices. We also carry out practical training using the Mercedes, VAG and BMW key generating kit which is becoming more and more popular. The day is concluded by answering any questions relating to the days topics.

P1050104 (Small)With the arrival of more and more Eeprom based tools such as the TM Pro, Miraclone, AD900, Zed Bull, etc. accurate reading of data, and understanding the difference between a good read and a corrupt read will very often mean the difference between making a healthy profit or leaving the job, unable to complete it.


Courses are usually run on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. They cost £240.00 + Vat per day, which includes refreshments and all consumables.

Max 8 persons per course.

Forthcoming dates

Thursday 19th May


Should courses be undersubscribed we reserve the right to offer alternative dates.