About Us

DSC00809 (Small)We are a small company, specialising in programming and diagnostic equipment for the Independant Automotive Industry. With 35 years combined experience in Automotive electronics, from chip tuning and diagnostics to ECU repairs, we have covered most fields in this envoironment. For the last 14 years we have been specialising in immobiliser PIN extraction and eeprom reprogramming to aid automotive locksmiths and garages.

We supply a wide range of equipment and software, aimed at the independant locksmith or garage who wants to be able to compete with the main dealers on equal terms, and in many cases, beyond equal terms


We offer services such as training courses in eeprom and microprocessor manipulation and soldering, Technical support, Software updates, and much much more.

DSC00595We are the UK concessionaire for the VagTacho / Opel DT tool, with its ability to extract PIN codes from many VAG and GM vehicles.

We offer an ECU re-coding service, Airbag crash data removal, and automotive remote repairs, key cutting and programming, to list but a few of our services available.