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As used by many members of the Automotive Locksmith Association and other professional locksmiths for over 12 years. The kit was originally developed at the request of a number of ALA members in order to provide the most comprehensive package for extracting PIN codes, virginising Immobilisers and Engine ECU’s, putting Engine ECU’s into free run mode, etc. Etc. The kit is designed to be equally at home in the back of a van as it is on the workbench, and gives the user the ability to attend a call, and complete the job without having to send modules away for PIN code extraction.

CodeX Kit

With the arrival of many new tools for adding key data to existing immobiliser and ECU files, the kit is ideal with its ability to read a wide range of eeproms and microprocessors, many “in circuit” without having to de-solder the device. We have recently added the option of a programming cable using the new “micro-hook” technology, allowing the user to simply clip a number of hooks onto the relevant processor legs for even faster reading and programming.

For Garages, as opposed to locksmiths, the kit offers the ability to recode many used ECU’s, rather than having to buy an expensive new unit when you suspect that an ECU is at fault. In many situations once you have fitted this new unit and turned on the ignition, it is locked to that particular vehicle, and if it does not cure the problem, the new ECU is scrap.

Lightweight, compact, and supplied in a sturdy plastic case. The CodeX is designed to be portable and easy to use.

What does it cover???

V.A.G. vehicles.

Over 95% of VAG pin codes, including Tourag, Bentley GT etc. It will extract most of the later 5 digit PINs as well as virtually all of the earlier vehicles. Many by OBD using optional PIN extraction cables.


The ability to turn used ECU’s back to new for programming keys to VVTI models, adding keys to existing ECU and immobiliser files, even for the later Aygo, Yaris, Auris, Landcruiser, Hi-Lux and Avensis models.


Pin code extraction for most models including Isuzu, and most of the newer GM, Astra H, Vectra C etc. Etc.

Peugeot Citroen.

PIN extraction for many models, plus the ability to virginise Body control modules for the C2, C3, Berlingo, Picasso, P207, P307, etc. These vehicles have a very nasty habit of the battery going flat, and corrupting the BSI causing the vehicle to no longer start. You can virginise the corrupt BSI and then reprogram with the correct equipment, without the need for a costly replacement unit. Will also put a lot of earlier vehicles into run, when they develop immobiliser or communication faults.

Alfa, BMW, Citroen, Peugeot, Fiat, Suzuki etc. etc. See the Instruction manual screenshot for more vehicles.